• Sharkoon RGB FLOW Midi Tower ATX kućište, prozirna bočna stranica, bez napajanja, crno

Sharkoon RGB FLOW Midi Tower ATX kućište, prozirna bočna stranica, bez napajanja, crno

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- Let the colors flow: The RGB FLOW from Sharkoon presents itself as an elegant yet unobtrusive ATX midi tower with its tempered glass side panel and black chassis with clear lines
- The minimalistic design is intersected by a stream of colors which flows through two integrated LED strips from the front panel to the side of the case, providing the built-in hardware with an atmospheric highlight
- The RGB FLOW is not just an eye-catcher
- With its mesh element on the front panel, locations for six fans or a radiator and numerous installation possibilities for data storage, it is also an ideal home for your hardware

- The RGB FLOW is equipped with two addressable LED strips which visually connect the front and side panel
- Both strips are daisy chained and can be easily operated using the four-port RGB controller which is integrated in the case
- Fourteen illumination modes can be selected using the cases reset switch
- Alternatively, the LED strips and three more RGB components can be controlled via a mainboard which has the appropriate software and an RGB header with a 5V-D-coded-G or 5V-D-G pin configuration

- Beneath the LED strip on the front panel, the ATX midi tower is equipped with a fine mesh grille, ensuring an optimal intake of air which is supplied by the pre-installed 120 mm fan
- If desired, five more fans can be installed within the case
- Two additional 120 mm fans will have room behind the front panel, while one more fan can be installed on the back panel and another two under the top panel
- Despite the compact design, the RGB FLOW also has room for radiators, with 6.4 cm provided behind the front panel and 5.5 cm under the top panel

- The RGB FLOW has a side panel made of tempered glass, behind which the installed hardware is displayed
- The side panel is without obvious fastening and is attached only to the back of the case with easily removable thumb screws
- In addition, the hardware is put into perspective, illuminated in a choice of colors thanks to the LED strip at the bottom of the glass panel

- The RGB FLOW has a compact design that can cut a fine figure anywhere, without having to make compromises in terms of compatibility
- Graphics cards with a length of up to 35 cm have room underneath a CPU cooler with a height of up to 15.7 cm
- Power supplies with a maximum length of 21.5 cm can disappear inside the power supply tunnel on the bottom panel of the case

- Also, with the installation of data storage, the RGB FLOW makes no compromises
- The case can house up to six SSDs, which can be mounted on the power supply tunnel or on the back of the mainboard tray
- The HDD/SSD cage offers space for either two more SSDs or two 3.5" hard drives

- Form Factor: ATX
- Expansion Slots: 7
- Interior Painting: Yes
- Tool-free Devices Installation: Yes
- Cable Management System: Yes
- Side Panel: Tempered Glass

- Weight: 6.0 kg
- Dimensions (L×W×H): 42.4×20.6×48.1 cm

- Type: Addressable
- Ports: 4-Port
- Manual Control: 14 Modes
- Mainboard Compatibility: MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion Ready, ASRock Polychrome Sync
- RGB pinout: 5V-D-G & 5V-D-coded-G

- 3.5": 2
- 2.5": 6

- USB 3.0 (Top): 2
- USB 2.0 (Top): 1
- Audio (Top): Yes

- Front Panel: 1× 120 mm fan (pre-Installed) or 2x 120 mm fan (optional) or radiator (optional)
- Rear Panel: 1× 120 mm fan (optional)
- Top Panel: 2× 120 mm fan or 2× 140 mm fan (optional)

- Mainboard: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
- Max. Length Graphics Cards: 35 cm
- Max. Height CPU Cooler: 15.7 cm
- Max. Length Power Supply: 21.5 cm
- Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Top): 5.5 cm
- Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front): 6.4 cm

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